My Story

Lompoc is my hometown. I’m running for mayor of Lompoc to bring back true leadership to our community. Our community is in need of forward-thinking leadership that provides the people with more than empty vision and talking points. The next mayor of Lompoc needs to have the ability to bring these visions to reality while making sure the decisions made by City Hall are affordable for the taxpayers and families of Lompoc.

During my time as your City Council Member, I’ve been an advocate for all of our people. From asking the tough questions about million dollar expenses on our city’s budget and finding a $1.1 million error on the solid waste estimate of expenses to providing resources and labor to fill holes in our city parks for the youth to have recreational opportunities. I’ve always been a budget-hawk who believes it is the responsibility of those elected by the people to provide thorough oversight and leadership when it comes to taking more money from the hardworking families. Unfortunately for our community, my opponent would like for the people of Lompoc to believe the staff shouldn’t be questioned about these multi-million dollar decisions, and that I’m wrong for following the City of Lompoc Biennial Budget objectives for City Council “to protect the financial strength” of our town. It has been and will always be a priority of mine to serve as a voice for the residents of Lompoc.