Running for Mayor in my hometown

It has been an honor to serve the City of Lompoc for the past six years, first as a city utility commissioner and then as a member of the Lompoc City Council.  During my tenure, I have had the distinct privilege of being the City's appointment to the Santa Barbara County Association of Governments, Air Pollution Control District, Central Coast Collaboration on Homelessness, as well as the Santa Barbara County Fourth District Park Commissioner. 

I have worked hard for the residents of Lompoc and have been willing and able to ask tough questions and devote the time necessary to understand the difficult  issues facing local government today.  I have been an advocate for full public access to government decision-making and transparency, fiscal responsibility, and a thorough vetting of dense staff reports on complex subjects.  I have worked to develop a level of mutual respect and understanding between myself, other council members and city staff.

A vote for me is a vote for all the residents of the Community of Lompoc.