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Bring Our Commuters Home

Continue to Grow our Local Economy & Increase Families' Time Together

We have over 60% of our workforce in our community forced to commute everyday for work. In 1990, only 40% of Lompoc residents who had jobs had to commute. We are currently losing .5-1% of working residents to the commute per year. While our residents are working out of the area, they also shop and spend their hard earned money outside of Lompoc which effects our community’s economic vitality even more.

We have zero new housing units being constructed. Building new houses not only increases housing opportunities, but it also creates new jobs. New jobs will not only be created with the construction of the housing, but with the landscaping, restaurants, and set forth the money multiplier effect in our community.

According to the Santa Barbara County Association of Government’s most recent State of the Commute report , “the City of Lompoc has a jobs-housing balance ratio of 0.75, meaning it has 0.75 jobs for each housing unit, indicating a significant proportion of out-commuters.”

In order for us to see job growth in our community, we need to ensure we elect those who are open minded to new opportunities. Recently, the current City Council has voted to allow new and emerging markets to be located within the city limits. There are currently over 100,000 square feet of vacant/ underutilized industrial space that is now being modified for new jobs. This recent movement will bring 500 to 1000 new jobs to Lompoc.