Fixing the Roof

Fix Our Housing Shortage

Through Sustainable Growth

A housing shortage is one of the main causes of rising costs. Currently, the City of Lompoc has zero new housing starts. After investing millions of dollars in their education and future, our children are graduating from our schools with little to no housing, our city has failed to provide adequate areas for sustainable growth. As a result, families in Lompoc are forced to have multiple generations living under one roof. While the potential for infill is available, it is not cost-effective to initiate construction.


As your mayor, I will ensure that we look at providing solutions to this problem, not just repeating the talking point “infill” as some of our elected officials prefer to do. There are two new areas within the Bailey corridor that the City is moving forward with the process of annexation. This could bring up to 1,000 new homes for the residents of Lompoc.

Because I’ve been personally involved in many of the development permitting process, I am able to understand many of the needs and hurdles that will be present in this process. Our City needs a mayor who has first-hand knowledge of the process.