No New Taxes

The problem is that the management staff must be disciplined and understand that taking more money from the people doesn't make a difference if the city spends more than they receive.  After a period of overzealous spending and over-estimations of revenues, our city management staff has felt the pressure to remain disciplined and fiscally responsible. The 2017 city revenue number was over-estimated by $3.2 million, whereas the 2018 revenue number was over-estimated by $1.15 million-- a reduction of 65%. It is important to understand that if your revenues are reduced, you must reduce your expenditures or you will go into debt. Basically stating, you can't spend more than you make, and if you're making less, you must spend less. The reason why the city budget has had to borrow from reserves is because the city's management staff did not adjust spending quickly enough. 


Passing new taxes on the people of Lompoc is not a sustainable solution. As the saying goes, a rising tide raises all ships, so should the economy of Lompoc. Everyone in Lompoc needs a revenue increase, not just City Hall. The per capita incomes in Lompoc have decreased over the last 10 years while the number of people living in poverty has increased. My efforts will be to bring new higher paying industry to Lompoc, increase sustainable housing growth, and cut through the bureaucratic red tape that has tremendously slowed the economic development and opportunities.